Friday, February 10, 2012

One Year Later...

It has been a year since I last update this blog. A long year indeed, and where does one start to rehash an entire year? I guess, I suppose, we should start off where we last left off, but really? Who wants to rehash a year's worth of details? No I.

We returned to Georgia after leaving Korea, which reading through my blogs here, I never really explained HOW we ended up in Korea (the one blog, I left off on the day Mr. Kon left for Korea). Well, three months later we flew on a big airplane to Korea. There, we had a baby, Smoochies, and now, we're back from Korea. Caught up? Fantastic. The intricate details are elsewhere, recorded in every pain-staking detail, every drop of blood, sweat in tears.

We saw family in Georgia, but didn't take many pictures. Part of me wishes that I had. 2 months after leaving Georgia, Mr. Kon was back... burying his baby brother. The poor boy died in a horrific and gruesome motorcycle accident that would callously lend to the jokes of Nearly Headless Nick. *cough* Not that I would be so crass to say it out loud... more than once.

Sometimes I wonder if I have impulsiveness control. I can't believe it actually came out of my mouth!

I guess the three biggest changes are 1) we moved to the belly-button of the US. Seriously. It's 18 hours to everything (well, okay... 18 hours to home... 18 hours to Cali). 2) Mr. Kon is training for a not-so-distant future deployment to an area that's toted to having a lot of sand. AND 3) William.

Yes, my middle child William is a big change. He went from the child who I cried over and I truly believed would end up in a hospital setting, taking tons of meds and going to tons of therapy, to the boy I have now, who actually expresses positive and negative feelings without going off the deep end. He's off his meds and out of therapy. He does still go to special education, and is still in a contained classes (with a 'safe' room... that looks like a padded cell), but we're still moving forwards and we've been told that we're looking at mainstreaming him.

Of all the things that we wanted, this is what we want most.